Vinegar Creative


The Project:  As part of our work with socially conscious businesses, we have been providing on-going brand support for In Your Face Alternatives (IYFA).  They offer plant-based fully biodegradable pots and vessels as an alternative to rid us of disposable bad plastic. With the option to add partner logos, IYFA offers a new socially consciously way for brands to get their business noticed and a novel way to get the environmental message out to both the public and businesses.

The Idea:  The big idea behind the business is simple, to reduce bad plastic, but the business behind the idea is complex.  So we wanted to simplify the way it is explained creating campaigns and strong messages to get both the public and businesses behind it

The Execution: We’ve been working on an range of campaigns from #Plasticfree Wembley to creating infographics in brand colours to visualise the business model to explain the simplicity of what IFYA wants to achieve. As well as the latest Bag Amnesty campaign that was launched in Leicester Square – where shoppers are able to exchange their plastic bags for ‘plastic free’ bags – all the bags collected are going towards a piece of plastic art to help raise awareness of the problem.