Vinegar Creative

Aldo Zilli – Website

The Project: To create an informative “home” for fans of celebrity chef Aldo Zilli, which would host all his businesses, websites and everything he's doing under one brand.

The Idea: “The Home of Aldo Zilli”– inspired by the personality of his seaside home town in Italy – brought to everyone 

The Execution: A website whose brand style was inspired by fresh vibrant colours to provide a nod to his home town. The use of bright photography of people reflects the energy and passion of the Italian people from his own heritage, and his own busy career today. The website functionality needed to include a wide range of content, including images, videos, his stories and links to his books and classes. The site showcases what he’s doing and press coverage, sells masterclasses and engages his fans by sharing his cooking tips. Flexibility was required to change content including offers and promotions regularly. Aldo also wanted to generate revenue by offering advertising space for clients and others.